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Sounds Delicious :
A Sonic Feast

Welcome to our Sounds Delicious page, where you’ll find a few “after dinner” treats to help you remember our evening together...

Research demonstrates that certain sounds influence our perception of the taste of sour, spicy, savory, sweet and bitter. We drew on this research to create a set of sonic ingredients that would compliment each of the courses on the Sounds Delicious menu, blending them into soundscapes through the course of your meal.

We captured each of these unique performances as they happened, ultimately assembling them into the four course album you can download by clicking on the button below. Try using them with some of your own culinary creations at home!

Further down this page, we’ve provided you with photographs, ingredients and streaming links as additional reminders of the sights and sounds of the evening.

Bon Appétit!

download the album

course 1 image

First Course: Sour

"Tongue Twister"

Rutabaga brown butter sour beer bisque, sumac apple mint relish, pomegranate beet swirl, labna

course 2 image

Second Course: Spicy

“Green, Yellow, Red”

Charcuterie salad - horseradish parmesan tart, greens with aleppo vinaigrette, dijon yellow beet schmear, red jalapeno frites, pickled shallots

course 3 image

Third Course: Savory

“Land, Air and Sea”

Pork belly, confit quail leg, and sea scallop, spaghetti squash sage and golden raisin eggroll, black olive, smoked cherry butter, pasilla fig glaze, kale

Fourth Course: Bittersweet

“For The Record”

Bittersweet chocolate panna cotta, expresso meringue, cocoa nibs, goats milk caramel, chicory (served on a large record)

Sounds Delicious: The Experiment