Sound is powerful.

It shapes our perceptions. It influences our behavior.

When it comes to your brand identity and communication, sound shouldn’t be an afterthought.

We believe that sound science is just as important as sound art.

We believe that sound choices should produce measurable results.

We believe that sound is a strategic weapon, not just a tactical tool.

We believe it’s time to change the conversation about audio and advertising.

We’re iV.

We’re leaders in a sonic revolution, helping brands harness the power of sound.

We’ll help you find your voice.
Then we’ll teach you to sing.

sound focus


Our design centric approach uncovers the audio identity of a brand and aligns it crossmodally across multiple touchpoints. From assessments and audits to ideation and system creation, we work to increase congruency, enhance efficiency and maximize returns on audio investments.


Whether it’s supervising audio vendors from a brand’s network of preferred providers or tapping into our own network of talented audio professionals, our years of experience working with music and sound enables us to produce, discover and procure the audio content needed to build a cohesive audio brand.


We collaborate to design testing methodologies that gather the data and insights brands need to make informed decisions. Our testing solutions can be applied at the developmental phase of creating audio assets, at the application phase where optimization is desired, and/or when benchmarking is needed to create baseline data for effectiveness measures.


An audio brand is only as good as its implementation. We help brands foster experiential connections with consumers. We train brand managers and agency partners, helping them identify relevant marketing opportunities, control costs, and build audio brand equity through consistent application of audio branding best practices.

our team

steve keller
daniel noga
gina graham
kurt goebel