Audio branding doesn’t start with your ears.

It starts with what’s between them.

Whether it’s pioneering research into crossmodally congruent soundscapes, designing a methodology for encoding and decoding audio archetypes, or developing predictive analytics to measure audio ROI, iV is continually exploring new ways to help brands make sound decisions.

To help share what we’ve learned along the way, we’ve created iV academy: an ever expanding collection of publications, presentations, and workshops designed to open minds (and ears) to the power of sound.

Audio Branding Workshops

Tailored exclusively for your brand and/or agency, our workshops help your team learn to connect audio dots in innovative ways.

Through interactive dialogue and shared experience, participants explore audio branding best practices and their application, from a foundational understanding of sound and music to the strategy, creation, testing and management necessary to build iconic audio brands.

Workshop Highlights Include:

  • Learning to Listen
  • Sound Mapping
  • The Language of Music
  • Writing A Better Brief
  • Principles of Testing
  • Controlling Costs
  • Psychology of Sound
  • Rights Management
  • Audio Audits

Research and Publications

It’s one thing to stay up to date on the latest trends and research. It’s another to actually shape the future of audio branding. From ground breaking research projects to peer-reviewed publications, interviews, and featured articles, we’re using our voice to change the conversation about audio and advertising.

Sounds Spicy:

Enhancing the Evaluation of Piquancy by Means of a Customised Crossmodally Congruent Soundtrack

Start the Music:

Key Insights on the Value of Music, Sound and Branding

Ritter Sport:

The Sound of Chocolate - An Audio Branding Case Study

Caveat Emptor:

Towards an Examination of Emerging Best Practices in the Audio Branding Industry

Expressing Archetypes Through Music:

A Musical Semiotics Approach to the Encoding and Decoding of Archetypal Figures

Measuring Audio ROI:

Developing Predictive Analytics for the Use of Music in a Brand/ Advertising Context


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We’ve worked hard to gain recognition as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of audio branding. We’re thrilled to share our insights and experience not only with our clients, but with audiences at international conferences, professional organizations and institutions of higher learning around the world.

Harnessing the Power of Sound | Steve Keller | TEDxNashville

Steve Keller, CEO and strategist at iV explains how harnessing the power of sound can influence society and culture in an impactful way.