As part of the global launch of Chivas Regal Ultis (a new premium blended scotch whiskey), iV designed a series of soundscapes for a unique multi-sensory tasting event.

Based on iV's research with Dr. Charles Spence (Head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at Oxford University) and drawing on inspiration from Chef Jozef Youssef (Founder of London based Kitchen Theory), the sonic expressions used sensory science to align sound with colours, tastes, and aromas that formed a distinct perception of the Chivas Regal Ultis brand.

To date, the soundscapes have been part of global launch events in New York, Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai and Turkey.


•Scientifically based: iV drew on the latest research into gastrophysics, ensuring that the soundscapes we created were crossmodally congruent, which in turn magnified the consumer experience of the Ultis brand.

•Artistically expressed: Just as Ultis represents the ultimate blend of five signature malts, iV’s sonic expression of the brand drew on five different soundscapes which would be ultimately blended into one, grand auditory experience - the Ultis “Ultimate Opus.”.

•Socially engaged: The unique pairing of sound and taste resulted in news articles, photos and commentary shared on social media by targeted influencers, helping introduce Chivas Regal Ultis to the world through a premium experience aligned with brand perception and intent.