collective health


Collective Health, an innovative and disruptive startup in the U.S. healthcare sector, needed an audio identity reflecting their brand essence, values and meaning.

Based on an assessment of Collective Health’s mission and its innovative brand character, iV used our proprietary archetypal profiling to develop an audio profile for the brand.

This audio profile informed the creation of a range of audio assets, including an audio logo, UI functional sounds, telephony content, and audio bumpers.


•Innovative archetypal profiling: Based on a design methodology developed by iV, archetypal brand profiling ensured a precise sonic representation of Collective Health that could be implicitly recognized by consumers.

•Crossmodal Congruency: Collective Health had established a design ecosystem that reflected their brand identity through the look and feel of their brand communication and products. We worked with their design team to make sure that their sound was aligned with other design elements, resulting in a brand that “sounds” like it “looks.”

•Making a mark: Developing a clear audio strategy and executing it consistently, Collective Health was able to effectively communicate with a confident, provocative and optimistic voice - one that differentiated the new start-up from other competitors.

featured assets

  • audio logo

  • ux/ui

  • telephony

  • bumpers