As one of the largest, family-owned, globally operating dairy processing corporations in Germany, Ehrmann was in search of an audio identity that would unite its product brands under a single sonic signature while still allowing each product to maintain a distinctive voice of its own.

iV developed an audio strategy designed to support each of Ehrmann’s product categories, increasing awareness and engagement with the Ehrmann master brand at the same time. Our brand centric approach to audio identity maximized creative exploration and fostered objective decision making between the brand, their agency of record, and iV.

A six-note mnemonic was created for the Ehrmann master brand, designed to mirror the syllables of the brand’s German claim “Keiner macht mich mehr an.” This mnemonic was embedded into Individual product themes, created to form a unique sonic identity for each product group. This approach allowed products to maintain a recognizable sonic identity of their own, with the single, unifying Ehrmann master mnemonic carried across the entire range of product categories.


•Sonic solutions: iV’s strategic approach provided an audio solution to Ehrmann’s brand linkage problem: original brand themes for products in various categories, along with a single, unifying audio mnemonic that carries across the entire range of product brands.

•Better communication: Working collaboratively with Ehrmann and their agencies ensured a more integrated approach to the development and implementation of the audio brand. As a result, it has made subsequent discussions and decisions about brand audio more efficient, focused, and meaningful.

•On target: Testing results once again demonstrated the value and accuracy of our audio branding methodology. Standout moments included the development of a unique recognizability metric, enabling iV to measure the recall factor of the brand mnemonic choices and provide benchmarks for future measurements.

Transform Award Winner!

Ehrmann won "Best Audio Branding" at the 2015 Transform Awards in London.

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