purina one


Purina ONE, a category leader in tailored nutrition for pets, sought to develop an audio branding strategy that would offer further differentiation between the brand and its competitors, deepen the emotional engagement between pet lovers and Purina ONE, and allow for better communication between the brand, its agencies, and their audio vendors.

iV conducted an audio assessment that allowed Purina ONE and their agency partners to readily identify sonic weaknesses in the brand’s current positioning, as well as identifying multiple opportunities to own sonic space not being exploited by their competition.

Following the assessment, we conducted a half-day guided audio workshop, where Purina ONE and their agencies were able to align strategic, tactical, and creative visions through observations and recommendations that emerged during our sonic exploration.


An audio assessment: Historical, competitive, and contextual audio audits resulted in the identification of sonic strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Brand personality traits were further categorized using archetypal frameworks, while the core essence, values, and attributes of the Purina ONE brand were integrated into a congruent audio profile.

Guiding principals: Our work with Purina ONE culminated in the development of an Audio Style Guide, designed to offer guiding principles that would further facilitate communication, maximize efficiency, and maintain consistency for Purina ONE’s sonic identity as it was implemented across multiple audio touch points.

A common language: Our guided audio workshop offered techniques to help Purina ONE and their agencies listen, think and talk about sound in new ways. Developing a common audio “language” helped brand planners, creative directors and content creators communicate more effectively and efficiently.