Rhinogram is a HIPAA compliant unified communications platform that allows healthcare practitioners to message their patients (and each other) using text, email or social media - all from one application. By simplifying communication, Rhinogram maximizes operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Recognizing the importance of audio as a part of their platform UI, Rhinogram tasked iV with the creation of a set of functional sounds to enhance communication, as well as a mnemonic that would serve to establish a recognizable audio identity for the brand.

After an initial phase of discovery, we developed an audio profile aligned with Rhinogram’s brand values and personality. With that profile, we were able to create a mnemonic that not only matched Rhinogram’s brand attributes, but aligned with other design elements as well, including their animated logo. Using the mnemonic’s “sonic DNA,” we then produced a set of functional sounds that enhanced user experience, while also communicating Rhinogram’s brand identity consistently across their entire platform.


•Semiotic harmony: Rhinogram’s personality is a combination of two archetypal figures, the jester and the sage, represented graphically by the brand as a rhino and a bird. By defining specific sonic parameters for each of these symbols, we were able to create functional sounds that could sonically shift the emphasis of incoming or outgoing communication, while still maintaining a singular audio identity for the brand that is both playful and informative.

Sonic ecosystem: UI sonification isn’t simply a matter of assigning a sound to an action or response. Often there is an entire sonic ecosystem to consider. In the case of Rhinogram, iV created a series of system alerts, chat sounds, confirmation tones and audio for in-app animations. We designed these sounds to function as part of a unified ecosystem, one that was brand congruent, memorable, behaviorally intuitive, and flexible enough to grow as more functionality was needed.

featured assets

  • audio logo & functional sound set

  • in app animations