ritter sport


Celebrating their 100th anniversary, the family-owned chocolate manufacturer Ritter Sport was looking for a unique audio presence for its brand with the potential to become as memorable as the visual and verbal brand assets.

In close cooperation with the brand’s lead agency Kolle Rebbe, iV developed a comprehensive audio branding strategy for Ritter Sport.

As the result of an extensive workshop, auditing, and testing process, iV created a brand theme with an embedded audio logo that was ultimately translated into multiple audio assets, allowing Ritter to sonically reach their consumers through a wide range of audio touch points.


•Highly collaborative: Constant communication and coordination between iV, Ritter Sport, and Ritter Sport’s lead agency Kolle Rebbe, ensured a more integrated implementation of the audio brand across multiple marketing platforms, creating unique opportunities to utilize the Ritter Sport audio brand.

•Evaluation: Optimization through meticulous testing, using a robust set of audio specific measures developed with our research partners, yielded objective data that informed further fine tuning of the audio assets.

•Award-winning results: Ritter Sport’s audio branding initiative was awarded as an Audio Branding Academy “Best Practice Case” and is featured in two separate journal publications as a textbook example of high level audio branding.

featured assets

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