union investment


Union Investment, one of Europe’s leading asset managers for private and institutional clients, needed an audio strategy for their “Blue Door” campaign.

With careful consideration of the brand’s target audience and brand profile, iV composed a brand theme that aligned with the visual and verbal expressions of the campaign.

The brand theme, “Beside Me”, was an instant hit, and the project grew beyond its original scope: Aside from its use in TV/broadcast, a music video of the song was created, featuring American pop artist Heather Bond, garnereing four times the number of online hits as the original TV commercial.

Additionally, iV delivered further audio assets based on the “brand soundtrack” - including an on-hold/telphony version of the song, ringtones, music bumpers, and an audio logo.


•Emotional, relatable branding: iV created an emotional connection between the brand and its clients through an intimate, authentic, on-brand pop song that was composed specifically for the brand.

•Organic, small-scaled audio branding: An on-brand advertising sound grew beyond its scope and provided the client with great, integrated audio brand assets.

•Maximized ROI through earned media: Aside from a classic TV campaign, the brand gained traction by releasing a music video and additional audio assets as a download on their website.

featured assets

  • tv/broadcast

  • music video

  • audio logo

  • on hold/telephony cover